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Contrary to popular belief, men have bodies too. Part of our privilege is that our bodies are generally subjected to less scrutiny than female bodies (see category: Advertising); but we still have issues – partially because this privilege causes us to take our bodies for granted, or to feel like we must constantly put our bodies at risk in order to prove our manhood. How is masculinity portrayed in popular culture? How does race/ethnicity play a role in the different stereotypes of male bodies? What price do boys and men pay for a culture that denies males vulnerability?

Concussion research advocate: NFL needs to "evolve" to protect players

By Michelle Castillo  CBS News January 31, 2014, 8:01 PM

One of the leading advocates for concussion research in athletes said he thinks the NFL needs to set new rules to protect players from traumatic brain injuries. 

"Football is a constantly evolving game, we're asking it to evolve again," Chris Nowinski said in an interview with CBS News. 

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